Caramel Color Recipes manufacturers in faridabad

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Caramel Color Recipes manufacturers in faridabad

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At Super Caramels, we manufacture Caramel Colour of all ranges. A range of acid stable, salt stable, alcohol stable and general purpose quality coloring are offered to our valued customers. All our caramel color products belong Class IV (E 150 d) to comply with the internationally agreed classification system for caramel colors.Color of food or beverage is one of the first attributes recognized by the senses of the purchaser and consumer of the product. The familiar and pleasant appearance of a host of those products is provided by caramel color. Caramel colors are amorphous, brown to brownish materials resulting from the carefully controlled heat treatment of foodgradecarbohydrates in the presence of small amounts of food grade acids, alkalis or salts. This definition is in essential agreement with definitions contained in the U.S. Standard of Identity for Caramel. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Sec. 7385; the monograph on caramel as in Food Chemicals Codex, Fourth Edition, the EEC Regulations on Coloring Matter,and the U.K. Specification for Caramel use in Foodstuffs.Caramelization has been carried out as long as food has been cooked. Caramel color, sometimes referred to as burnt sugar, first gained commercial importance as an additive in brewery products — porter, stout, dark beers and ales and as a colorant for brandy.This Ad Posted By


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